Hidden in Plain Sight

I would like to retell a little story, while doing so, I will highlight a number of words/ideas that tie closely to the last day(s) of Jesus’ “mortal” life. If you are like me, you will wonder how it is that you have missed this all these years.

Father sent out his Son to cross the wilderness to the city of Jerusalem on a mission to acquire the plates of brass. During the journey, his brother Laban was selected by lots to make the attempt. He failed. Then all the brothers went and attempted to succeed by trading all their worldly riches for the plates. They failed. Then the brothers beat Nephi. An angel intervened, and let all know of Nehpi’s election and receiver of the birthright (1st born). He went into the city alone, knowing beforehand the objective, but exercising exceeding faith. Opportunity is given him. Nephi obtains Laban’s sword. Nephi prays and struggles. Laban dies, having his head cut off. Nephi acquires clothing. He finds Laban’s slave and obtains keys. He obtains the scriptures (testimony). As he leaves, he frees the slave from bondage, who then becomes an inheritor of a covenant and lifelong friend. Nephi returns home to his father.

Though actually part of a different story, we later have Nephi return to Jerusalem to obtain his bride.

We could spend significant time reviewing each of these bolded items and the implications thereof. I’ll leave that to an exercise for the student. For me, I simply find in astounding that I have never seen this before. In over forty years in the LDS church, I have NEVER understood any of this. Could Nephi have made it any more obvious? I feel so clueless. Arg!

In any case, I’m glad that you may be able to benefit from this knowledge earlier in your life than I am in mine. I am also grateful to receive this answer to prayers. As an aside, I do have to wonder at what point in Nephi’s life these things became apparent to him. Certainly it was after the trips, and after he had received revelation on the life of the Savior, whatever the order.

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    1. I suppose that I should have also included the little fact that at a later time, Nephi becomes not just a father to his people, but also a king…. But, we all knew that one….

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