Drinks, But Wakes Up Faint

7 And the nations amassed to fight against Ariel,all who congregate at her stronghold to distress her, shall be as a dream seen in the night: 8 like a hungry man who dreams he eats, but awakens famished,or like a thirsty man who dreams he drinks, but wakes up faint and craving. So shall be all the nations that amass to fight against Mount Zion. (Isaiah 29, as translated by Avraham GileadiĀ  Isaiah Explained, highlights mine)

I understand this a little better this morning.


The fast continues. Following an almost 7-day fast, I continued with my daily consecutive fasts by breaking the daily fast at the Messianic Synagogue Erev Shabbat. It was an extremely salty meal, and I was probably already a bit dehydrated.

The Dream

In a dream, I was actively participating in a large meeting and struggling to speak as my mouth was exceedingly dry. I was then called out to liaise with a smaller group meeting in nearby room. It was clear to one of the principals at that meeting that the independent (informal) organizations should unite, and with permission of the group summoned me. When I arrived, I could not speak. More signing than speaking, I asked for water and was brought a plastic bottle. I drank the water with delight, but was entirely frustrated by the fact that my tongue remained glued to the back of my mouth. As I began to guzzle a second bottle, it was as if I was pouring it into an abyss. The more I drank, the more intense was my bewilderment. I again attempted to speak. It was useless.

I awoke.

On awakening, I found my mouth was exactly as I had dreamed. It seems that I had gone to bed and had been snoring all night.

This puts a different spin on waking up craving. That misses the point that in this kind of dream, no amount of water can relieve the thirst. In fact, one can drink copious amounts with the astonishment and frustration of that reality. I hope that isn’t what the time between mortality and resurrection is like.




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