Chasing Zion

Let us presume that we live in the Telestial. Let us presume that Zion is equivalent to the Terrestrial. Let us presume that “the path” leads from Telestial, to Terrestrial, to Celestial.

So, we want the Terrestrial/Zion because it is the next step? Okay. But, is the path from the Terrestrial to the Celestial through the Telestial?

Say what?

Well, if we list all those who we believe inherited the Celestial, did any that we know of get there by passing through Zion? Adam? Avraham? Christ?

So, what is going on here? Can we characterize the Telestial as a place where everyone attempts to build themselves up by putting others down? Can we characterize the Terrestrial as a place where everyone attempts to build everyone up (rising tide raises all ships) equally? Can we characterize the Celestial as a place where everyone attempts to lift everyone else up, perhaps at their own expense; a place where you love your enemy and bless those who would do you harm; a place where you return good for evil? Do we expect to find enemies and evil people in the Celestial world? How about in the Terrestrial, where all are one? So, to truly demonstrate that we live Celestial law, we have to be here? After all, “if you love those who love you….”

Is that why Christ had to come to this most corrupt of worlds to do His work?


Maybe the endowment doesn’t tell the whole story….

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  1. I note that in looking at the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, he appears (as do most other writers) to associate Zion with the Celestial.

    The more time I spend thinking about this, the more it seems that the only way for us to prove that we are willing to live the Celestial Law provided in the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon at Bountiful is to live among a Telestial people. The implications clearly fly in the face of having “eternity to get it right.” Need to pull these thoughts together along with prior post talking to procrastination of the day of our salvation.

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