Three Unusual Experiences

Yesterday morning as I began my day and my prayers, I found myself focusing on securing the spiritual safety of my home. In response, I felt as though there was a bubble of protection centered at my location at the foot of the bed. The Spirit was strong, and stayed with me throughout the following, and then some.

A little while later, while doing various inconsequential tasks as I continued in prayer, I “felt” as though I was being anointed. I saw nothing. And while I heard no voice, per se, my mind was filled with linkages between my many body parts and various righteous actions and activities related to each. As I considered each body part, a phrase would come to mind. Some were similar to the anointing done in the LDS temple (ears, eyes), but most were not (arms, hands, fingers, feet, toes, toe nails, chin, nose, etc).

I stood pondering this singular experience for an extended period of time. After what seemed like a half an hour, I felt as if someone was clothing me with protection. It was as if in some other dimension, light was shining outward and away from me. There was nothing specific (I perceived no shield, sword, footwear, or the like). Nevertheless, it felt as if I were cloaked in a robe of light, a protection against darkness. It was an amazing thing. Later, as I went downstairs to work on the stones for the patio, as I took the time to pay attention to it, it remained with me. Even now, well into the night, if I focus….

The relationship to the temple initiatory ordinance is curious.

In the larger context, I have also been praying a great deal about priesthood, what I have received, what I haven’t received, and what I might yet receive. Are these experiences preparatory to the latter end?

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