Bathe In The Light

I’m particularly glad that our reading in the book “How To Have Your Second Comforter” was postponed by some other readings. If we had encountered the section “Bathe in the Light” before yesterday morning’s personal experience, I would have supposed that to have been self-fabricated. But, having never heard of anything like it, experiencing it, and then reading the author’s related occurrence the following day is reassuring. Coincidence? Example from the book:


This is something unique that the Lord started to teach me about three months before my Second Comforter experience. I had never read about this or heard of anything like this before….

I could eventually feel the light, as if it were a tangible pulse around me….

This was not just fluorescent, artificial light; this was the very glory of God washing over my Spirit!

While the Anonymous author describes this light in different context and terminology, nevertheless, the similarities are astounding.

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