Upon The Mountain — 2017-8-22 (Part 3 of 4)

Recorded 2017-8-22

Note: the same conditions are true here as are in the prior post. Additionally, this post includes things that appear to verifiably incorrect. Nevertheless, I include these, even though it would probably have been safer to have excised portions in order to avoid possible ridicule or disparagement. Oddly, as has been written previously, I really don’t need anyone to do that for me, I’m quite adept of doing so myself.

As the light of the sun breaks forth to cover the earth, record the things reveled to you as you climbed back up to the alter.

Parable of the decent and ascent. As I walked down from our campsite (47°53’53.6″N+115°57’46.1″W) to the saddle in advance of [hiking] back up to Idaho Point. The downgrade was casual, but constant, perhaps 120 feet in about 0.4 mile as compared to the slightly greater upgrade that was about 400 feet in about 0.8 mile.

Decent & Ascent

Just as it appears to you that you are walking on a level grade when you are in fact descending, thus many who believe that they are enduring to the end on a straight and level course are losing light and truth and moving away from their God. When you look back, you see that your descent was constant and continuous.

It, likewise, appears as if the upcoming ascent is far greater than reality, notwithstanding the relative difficulty of the climb. The ease of the one compared to the difficulty of the latter is a better measure of your progress than is your perspective [and perception].

When I told you that I would yet reveal more regarding my set times and celebrations, you were downtrodden, thinking this would be given to another. Have more faith. I told you that I had a blessing for you and I told you that you would be able to bless the lives of others who love me. Now, write with my Spirit and Light.

You have been taught correctly. Many have misunderstood Joseph’s flowery language regarding the foundation of my church in the latter days as a revelation about the day of my birth, notwithstanding the many inconsistencies with the symbols of my birth and death given that those who understood would know at my coming.

The time of service of Zechariah is known. At this [that] time, all Israel wondered at the news of his seeing [an] angel in the temple, what this should mean. When they [Zachariah and Elizabeth] came to the temple [¿at the feast of the tabernacles?] to offer sacrifice in thanksgiving of the news that Elizabeth was pregnant, there was great wonder and expectation throughout all Israel. As is indicated by Zacharias name, God had remembered his people. You can therefore understand the astonishment at the naming of John at his birth at the time of the first harvest or Passover. They understood not that he came to close the time of the “first” and that another would open the time of the “last” [but thought this a further sign of his being the long-awaited Messiah].

At the coming of Mary to visit Elizabeth, a few of the women understood that another miraculous birth was imminent and that John would be a forerunner for the Christ. When the Jews went to hear John preach, their expectation for thirty years was that he was the promised Messiah and news of his life was published widely abroad as evidence thereto. It seemed right to them that the Messiah would be a Nazarene and that the miracles of his childhood stood as testimony to that fact. Thus they were deceived.

My birth at the time of the final harvest should have come as no surprise as there were those who were looking for it, and saw the witness in the heavens. Does it surprise you that I was born in a tabernacle? Did not the first tabernacle foreshadow my coming to take upon me a tabernacle of clay and to dwell among my people? Is it not right that the vessel reserved to hold the (food and) bread would be used to hold the bread of life? You have known these things and yet you doubted. Doubt no longer. Many have created fables of my birth, ignoring the many evidences given.

Did the angel not come to Mary at a designated feast? These things were prescribed as a testimony to all of me and of my mission.

Thus did the people of King Benjamin look about them from their tabernacles [¿tents?] as he taught them of my future coming and he prophesied that it would be at that time of year.

There is a reason that the believers gathered at the time of the Passover at the temple, and praying and fasting were delivered from the destructions that destroyed their homes and friends and extended families. There is reason why I came to those who gathered again at the temple a year later in celebration of my death and atonement, having given them time to repent and come to me.

These same celebrations may be used to look back on those great and magnificent things that have been prepared for my children if they would open their eyes to see and cease to consume themselves with fables. It would please me greatly if you too were to gather at the times of gathering (harvest) and other festivals to remember these things, to celebrate, to council, to be instructed, and to worship in unity and gladness.

You do not need to adopt all the traditions related thereto. I have died. You have the sacrament to remember my blood. You do not need to kill a sacrificial lamb and paint its blood on your doorposts. Search the scriptures, pray; you will know.

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