Upon The Mountain — 2017-8-21 (Part 2 of 4)

Recorded 2017-8-21

Note: this is not fully scrubbed, and may well represent an unfinished work. It is with some trepidation that I include this in its entirety, transcribed with minimal alteration. If there are errors, they are mine. What is recorded here was taken from a document written by hand as quickly as I could in order to keep up. Many details were missed. I may add perspectives and remembrances not included here in Part 4. Minor corrections for spelling, punctuation, and grammar have been included, but a minimalist approach has been taken.


How can I know if these are my thoughts or Thine?

If we are one, then they are the same. Be at peace. You have asked that the alter you have built might be holy ground, and the place may be sacred unto me such that you might come to be purified and sanctified, to be forgiven of you sins, and to receive light and truth by my hand.

Though your sins have been many, and your inequities even more, your cries have come before the throne of God, and your faith and diligence raised as a testimony to your God. Therefore, lift up your heart and rejoice, for I have forgiven you and seek to bless you.


These many years you have sought to understand what I have commanded, that you might be obedient thereto. You have been given wisdom and understanding to see that mankind – those who claim to be called by my name – excuse themselves in narrowly interpreting my law. As they limit their understanding, so do they limit the blessings they receive at my hand and the rewards they might have received hereafter. Thus, Satan doth confound them. They are obedient unto their own righteousness and eternal law will stand to condemn them. Thus, does Satan rejoice. They have given him power over them, and he doth enslave them with cords of their own making.

Most abdominal of all is their making me into an idol of their own making, attributing to me desires and attributes according to their shallow understanding. They think me a God of love, a lamb slaughtered that I may bring them back into the presence of the Father, and so I am. But, I am also the lion who will come to execute justice upon the wicked, including those who are righteous in themselves, seeing not, repenting not, justifying themselves and presuming that I will come in love and charity to heal them. They will, instead, know of my wrath for rejecting truth and teaching others to follow in their ways. Do they think to escape the righteous judgement that will come upon them in hopes of having eternity to repent of their evil ways?

They know me not. They are not mine nor will they be mine unless they repent, learn of me, follow my law as I followed the Father, and become sanctified by the Spirit. Then I will redeem them. Then will they have my Spirit within them. Then will my countenance be upon their faces. Then will they do my works and in doing so, know me, for they will be like me.

No man can come to know me by learning about me. You may only become like me by being as I am.

Though they think to bow down to me and to claim me as their own, I will not be their idol, a God made of their own hands, of their imaginings, and of their expectations.

Satan knows me well. He knows eternal law. His ability to mimic my voice is without parallel or equal. Therefore, many are deceived. Nevertheless, my sheep hear and now my voice and they are mine. Those, who are meek and humble and harken to and do my will, come to know me. They are few. Many proclaim to be mine and think they are so. They lift up each other in their ignorance and misunderstanding. Follow them not.

From the beginning, Lucifer used logic and reason to convince many that the Council of Heaven must be ultimately accountable for all the wickedness, suffering, pain and despair upon the earth, and that these things need not to be. Thus, he justified his plan to overthrow the laws of eternity, and remove the risks inherent in mortality, thus allowing all to obtain without trial the light and knowledge and truth of the Father.

There are no shortcuts. There were none for me. There can be none for you. The Gods obey the same laws given to man, and more. Did you think that by virtue of their accomplishments that they excuse themselves, or that commandments are created at their whim, and in some twisted way for their benefit? From the beginning law was given that men might learn to become like God. My commandments are patterned after eternal law, that you might receive that which you are able.

Let us reason together. In the beginning man was made lord over all the earth and all things therein and thereon. But, how was he to lord? Should it not be patterned after me, ruling with respect, kindness, wisdom, justice, and truth? The earth was full of all types of life. So much has been destroyed, some to extinction. The blood of all these souls cry unto me and will be answered upon the heads of those who sought gain rather than life. Life is sacred.

As taught by my servant Joseph, you will be held accountable for every life, for life is precious to me. You say, were not all of these things given for the use of man? Use? Yes. Abuse? No. Do you think in your gluttony to consume meat from souls that have spent their lives in misery? How can this be justified? Do you think to take life for recreation and amusement? These were ordained for the benefit of man, not for his indulgence.

If such things are an abomination, how much more vile is the impoverishment of billions so that a few may live in luxury? Must the majority suffer so that the few may glory in their own accomplishments? In days past, I only held my children accountable for the poor and needy, the widows and the fatherless within their influence and their reach. But now, all are within your reach an influence. So, who now is your neighbor?

The earth truly groans under your management. If the sun is a token of your Father, and the moon your Mother, what then of the earth? Is it of any surprise that your treatment of her is likened unto your treatment of me? Are you so lacking in understanding? Should you not hold in reverence those that provide you life? Did the earth prescribe that her gifts should be used inequitably, to satiate your vain ambitious and to elevate your pride? Did I? Is this how you become like me? Never before has man so justified their selfish desires. Is it any wonder that Isaiah prophesied that you would be cold of heart? Lovers of your own selves?

When will your loins begin to yearn to reduce suffering and ignorance, pain and grief, injustice and oppression? Humble yourselves. Seek righteousness. Your Father is meek above all, seeking the wellbeing of all, making himself least of all. Can you not do likewise? How can His children make Him into a God after their own passions? Where do you think I learned to place myself beneath the needs of all others? Again, I ask, will you become like me and with my Spirit – or in other words a Spirit like unto mine – go and be a benefactor to all, or will you contrive to make a God after your own image? How many ways must I say this? Lose yourselves. The seed must die that it might live. Be born again. Follow me. I beg you again, repent of all these things. I plead with you, do not procrastinate the day of your repentance thinking that you have eternity to learn all those things necessary to become like Father. If children can be ignorant, but pure before God, then being pure they are given the time needed to learn knowledge and wisdom. And yet you infer from this that per your understanding you will be given time to become pure and holy? No. Justice will be fulfilled. You who know these things and do them not must stand condemned. But you say, surely a loving God will give mercy and withhold justice. Does God then hate justice? Chose you this day! Procrastinate no longer! Father will see that eternal law is fulfilled, lest He be accounted a liar.

Now, you have asked about specific laws and commandments. You have asked and I will answer. Again, he who knows these things will be accountable to the same. Make sure you do them.

Meat should be used with thanksgiving. As I have said before, I say again, you will be held accountable for every life. Be prudent. Treat animals with kindness and grace. Partake of flesh for health and strength, and to preserve life; eat not to excess; receive in humility and gratitude.

Don’t eat meat of animals that live in their own filth, or consumer the filth of others. Is this how you imagine your Father dines? Eat not of carnivores, or those that live off of carnage.

Waste not. To the degree that you can, make sure that animals are killed in a humane way. Eat not the blood. Eat not of anything offered to idols or as part of any pagan tradition.

Regarding the Word of Wisdom, if it is wisdom in me, if it is my word, and if it pleases me, why would you choose to lay it aside because it is not a commandment? Do I need to command in all things? Why isn’t that enough? Avoid mind altering substances.

You desire me to tell you regarding the consumption of alcohol, whether, since I consumed wine (yes, it was fermented) if you may do the same? Yes, you may, but why would you want to? You don’t like it. You would be tempted to consume to excess, and then need to repent of things said and done thereafter. I’ll say no more. Be wise.

The Sabbath is holy unto me. I covenanted to bless those who keep this law. It is a day to rest from your usual labors. It is a day to worship God. It is a day to free your spirits. It is not to be a burden laden with rules and prohibitions. It is a day to seek the downtrodden, to lift the spirits of your family, friends, and neighbors. It is a day to feed the homeless with plenty and to spare. It is a day to seek righteousness (what day isn’t?). I you don’t feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually refreshed after the Sabbath, and don’t look forward to those gifts, there is something wrong, for I deign to bless you abundantly. What more should I say? Do you eat big Sabbath meals that place a burden on someone else? Do you catch up on work you didn’t complete during the week? Do you find recreation in things that are not pleasing to our Father? Do you focus on yourselves? Do I need to go on? I have promised you blessings. Receive these gifts.

The time will come that my celebration days will be restored. In the meantime, avoid associating my name with days filled to overflowing with the works of your hands. Quit substituting tokens and types prescribed by the Father to remember me with those of your own creation.

Cease to justify your substitutions and traditions. If you are going to raise up demons and evils, don’t ask for a blessing in my name. The same is true of all your lusts and idolatry, cease associating these things with my name. It will be accounted to you as evil.

You have been taught that you should pray as I demonstrated and you have record in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. And yet you don’t. Cease your vain repetitions, they are accounted unto you as evil. Cease seeking blessings at the hand of the “god of this world” and ascribing these to me. Do not call that which is evil, good and that which is good, evil. Pray in truth, in sincerity, with real intent, in humility, and in faith. Then will angels minister to you and the Holy Spirit guide you to me, and I will guide you to the Father.

You know and are fully aware that you cannot follow both God and Mammon, and while you have disposed of most all of your earthly wealth, yet you secretly nurture those desires that would gain you esteem and influence in the eyes of others. Beware of pride. No longer seek after your own welfare. I have blessed you with sufficient and to excess. Now, seek to bless others.

As I taught you before, our Father loves the chastity and modesty of His sons and daughters. Don’t flaunt your sexuality. Be dignified. Dress and act as if our Father is in your presence. He just may be.

Regarding funds for the temple, you can hardly meet the needs of the poor and afflicted. Do you think to build me a large and spacious house filled with precious embellishments gained at the expense of others? I can do my own work. Did I not provide Israel with all that was needed to build the tabernacle? Did I require a house when I asked all Israel to come and meet me on the mount? When I command a house to be built in my name, it will not be built like those that are built for idols, and it will be built upon the sacrifices of my children, not upon the backs of those enslaved to an unrighteous economic system.

There are blessings that I have prescribed to a house where I can dwell, where the fullness of my presence may be. But think not that I will cause the poor and needy to offer up their living to receive these blessings. What abomination is requesting a tithe from those who should be the recipients of the tithe. Oh, how my ordinances and laws are turned upside-down.

You have thought that the same logic used my Mormon regarding the baptism of children should be applied to the sacrament. Of course, it should. It is beyond reason that someone would claim that the sacrament is “to renew baptismal covenants,” but that those proscribed from baptism should partake anyway. Yes, the sacrament is a covenant made with the Father. They language of the covenant is not prescribed, because the level of covenants varies according to the individual. The sacrament should be taken oft because you need to repent oft, since through sin [you] have broken your covenants with the Father. If you are accountable, you should know what these are. Like with all sacred things, treating these things lightly or in vain will be counted as evil. Cease to treat the sacrament lightly. You should approach the things associated with your salvation with gravity and not in so casual a manner.

Teach your young children that they should be grateful in the knowledge that they are saved by the power of my atonement. Put away your false beliefs and false traditions. These things do not please me. And what do you teach? You dilute my doctrines, teach to do what I command not, and don’t do what I command. How can I justify you in these things, using the sacrament as an example? I cannot. Do you think that because “your heart is in the right place” that I will condone and or ignore those things that you ought to have known and then done? Why can’t your traditions be made to conform to my law?

My fulfillment of the Law of Moses means that I fulfilled or lived in accordance with all of its precepts and requirements. When conflicts existed between higher and lower law, I always chose the higher.

My fulfillment of the Law of Moses meant that I embodied all things that were a type of me, and required during my life on earth. There are many things in the law of Moses that are yet to be fulfilled in this sense. Nevertheless, all things will be fulfilled.

I taught that the law of Moses had an end in me. The law of Moses also had a beginning in me. I am alpha and omega. All things had a beginning in me and all things will have an end in me.

For these teachings are we to presume that I have canceled the law? Are you to no longer love God or your neighbor? Keep my Sabbath? I commanded my servant Malachi to teach remembrance of the Law of Moses. I quoted him after my resurrection in my teachings in the land Bountiful. Did I ever go back on my words? The sacrificial ordinances performed under the Law of Moses have been replaced. There are aspects of the law that you are excused from. Nevertheless, that which you call “the higher law” remains. The Law of Moses teaches what it means to love God and love your neighbor, to do justly, and to walk the path of righteousness. How can that not apply to you? Study more. Research more. You are not excused from the assignment to understand these things. It displeases me that you pick and choose among the commandments according to your whim. You can hardly be judged to have obeyed and fulfilled the “higher law” when you have not fulfilled the “lower law.” In your own words, “can you claim to use calculus without the use or arithmetic?”

To the greater degree, you have known these things. Do them. Make no more excuse.

I commanded you to fast and pray in preparation for this day. I told you what you should do. By not doing so you have lost an opportunity. You are forgiven, but the full blessing that I had ordained for you at this time shall not be given. Nevertheless, if you continue faithfully, you may yet receive this blessing. Humble yourselves, continue in fasting and prayer. Be faithful.

You asked many times if Denver is my servant and messenger. I have now answered this question many times over in a way that is best for you. You believe that Satan may readily deceive, and it is so. I, therefore, revealed a number of things to you prior to his putting these to paper. These included some tings repeated here today: how the earth moans under the evil done to her; how you seek to know about me, but refuse to do those things that you may know me; to have my countenance (Spirit) and to do my works; that Lucifer was a deceiver from the beginning and attempted to overthrow eternal law; that he is the epitome of deceit and lies; and much more.

You can now claim to know that he is indeed my servant and messenger and that I have ordained him to do a great work. It is true that he has made mistakes, and some thing[s] he has said are his opinions, not mine. Still, I stand by him. None of my servants have been without error. If they were perfect, then mankind would refrain from seeking after my council and instead follow blindly to their condemnation.

There is a work that I have for you, but you are not yet ready. There are many who are held in my hand who will bring gifts, powers, and authority in my own due time. I will guide you. Seek my Spirit; seek my face; seek my righteousness and you may yet be the means to bring blessings into the lives of those who love me.

All things respond to the righteous request of our Father, and me, and those whom I send. The power whereby they obey does not come from compulsion, or from authority. No scepter can thus command. They willingly obey, because they desire to follow light and truth. Do likewise.


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