Reset — Personal Note

Having a post on Jan 1 called “Reset” might foreshadow something to do with resolutions. But, no. Well, maybe. If so, then only indirectly layered into “Rethinking Alma 32, Part C.”

When I started the thread on “Rethinking Alma 32,” I was documenting the lessons taught back in November and generally following that outline. Then, after completing Part A, I had a dream. In it, I was teaching a class about the chiasmus I discovered in Alma 32-34. I knew of no such chiasmus and what I remembered from the dream offered no help. Well, maybe a little: a lingering question.

I then spent days, then weeks attempting to find a chiasmus, any chiasmus. I even began a spreadsheet to outline all the major concepts/precepts/principles in order to visually see any indication of a chiasmus. The it occurred to me that I saw the trees, but missed the forest entirely. Yes, all very cliche. I thought I understood chiasmuses. Boy was I wrong.

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