Common Ground Doves

Wiki Reference: Columbina passerina

Recently, I was on a long walk and pondering the idea of One: agency, obedience, power, authority, honor, intelligence, light, truth, glory…, all One.

In an earlier post, I proffered the idea that to be One with God is to be One with all that are One with God. Implicit is a causality. If you are One with God, then you will be One with whomsoever God is One. At the time, I understood this only in the context of the souls of men. After Monday’s walk, I would use the language of “To See Thy Face:” to be One with all that God hath. I don’t know what to do with the causality, for it seems that if one is One with all that God hath, then the one will be One with God.

I won’t take you on the journey implied by this statement other than to say that while I was opening my mind to the implications and possibilities, I turned a corner in the road, and spotted a pair of doves on the road.

I generally embrace a certain skepticism of such “signs,” but given the prayers in the moments prior, this was of particular significance. I must again reconsider my biases.



Note: sorry the quality of the pictures aren’t better, this is the best I could do with the equipment, given the shyness of these little souls. Pictures taken yesterday.


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  1. On further reflection about causality further questions came to mind:
    1. Is it the case that to be One with God is to be One with all that are One with God, or is it the case that to be One with all that are One with God is to be One with God?
    2. If all things were first created spiritually, do all things have spirits, or is that something different? If all things have spirits, do all things have agency?
    3. How does causality work in a non-temporal existence? Or, how did the feelings and thoughts of a man in a temporal world cause eternity to shake?

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