On Friday 3/9/18, Joel Elgee called to see if he could bring a couple from Houston TX by to see the house. Since we were cleaning it up for pictures, it was a no-brainer. They came on Saturday morning for a very brief visit. They saw a number of homes. Later that day, I left my phone in the garage and killed the battery. Didn’t pick it up for a call/text from Joel asking if they could come back to see the house on Sunday. Missed three calls and text on Sunday. Finally, went to the garage, plugged in the phone and say this on Monday a.m. Ooops.

Joel was able to get them into the house just before their leaving for the airport on Monday a.m. Super nice people. Kelsie loves dogs and has a German Shepherd; she made quick friends with Bosley. Her favorite flower is an iris. They have siblings that have built chicken coops and gardens. Not sure where this is going to go, but they seemed to like the house. He graduated from Gonzaga. Have family in WA (at least Seattle area, if not Spokane).

Bottom line, from a house viewing perspective, it couldn’t have worked better as we had to super clean the house on Monday for the 3D pictures. It has never looked better.

3/16 Update. Today we received a confirmation on our counteroffer. We are under contract. Wow. Just like when we bought it; the house never made it on the MLS. Next step will probably see a home inspector inspecting. We learned that Michael and Kelsey were up on November house hunting. So, it seems Joel was able to give them a call and tell them he had what they were looking for. Then there is the story of how we came to decide to use Joel rather than the other friend-realtors.

Now, there are only the big questions:

  • Where to next? You’d think that with all the prayers going in this direction…. It seems like the Lord wants us to make the first move (no pun intended).
  • How do our kids plans influence ours:
    • will Mitchell be moving to San Antonio. Is graduate school a possibility for him?
    • will Andi be finishing up her PhD soon. If so, where to for them?
  • What do we do with Bentley and Bosley? They are great dogs, but does our future have a place for them?
  • etc.

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