Upon the Mountain — Introduction Addenda (Part 1 of 4)

Awaking this morning, it was made clear that there were some things of import missing from the prior post.

On July 24th and 25th, we received some singular revelations. This was in consequence of offering the prayer on July 23 to ask for a little more time, for which the parallels to the servant pleading with the Lord in the allegory of the olive tree may be apparent. I was informed this morning that the reason I was told not to write/publish those things is that many were intended for another, and that the faith of some might be injured if they were to believe that he might have reflected the things that I might have written. Furthermore, I was informed that a record testifying to the fact that we had received these things nearly simultaneously, and independently was not to be had. In short, whomsoever reads these things may choose to make a case that either I am deceived and/or am attempting to deceive. It is, therefore, only my word and the Holy Spirit to witness these things. Sorry. Not my idea.

Please remember that prior to these dates, we were given the expanded understanding of “always having the Spirit of Christ” as is indicated in the prior post, and elaborated within the aforementioned hymn. Please remember that these things were given to prepare our minds for the 21st and 22nd of August.

Many of these things will be repeated/reflected in the next posts. What is written here is based upon notes taken by Joy and with the help of the Spirit bringing to remembrance thinks which I had forgotten and in three cases, did not pay sufficient attention to at the time(*).

  • It took you almost a year to get you to offer a Zenos-like prayer, pleading for one last chance to work in the garden.
  • Now is the time to share what you learned during the motorcycle trip back from Boise.
  • You now need to know that I was there. I bowed before many and pleaded with them to repent, but you [singular and plural] knew it not.
  • Zenos wept to see our day, when there was within the garden no good fruit.
  • Father is highly offended when you ascribe to Him attributes and passions of your own making, putting His name upon idols of your own creation.
  • Do you restrict me to being the Lamb, but refuse to admit that I will return as the Lion? Do you understand what is implied in my coming in the fury of my wrath?
  • Unconditional love: do you think to remove my agency; am I to hate the sin and love the sinner when I have taught clearly that what defiles the man comes from the heart of the man? Am I to deny my own word (Romans 9:13; Helaman 15:3–4; 2 Nephi 9:42); am I to love that which is the source of all that is abominable, the source of pain and suffering? Am I to deny eternal truths and judgement? Nevertheless, as a consequence of my love, I have prepared for all mankind to be saved from physical death, and that all mankind may be saved from spiritual death on conditions of repentance and following in my path. You are required to love your enemy. You are required to forgive all men.
  • Do you think that forgiveness and redemption are the same? Study my word.
  • I have and will continue to fulfill all the promises and covenants made to the Fathers, made both in and before the world was created.
  • Mercy will be extended to those who obey the Father’s will. Justice will be fulfilled in eternal glory.*
  • Lucifer used reason combined with truth and light to convince many that the responsibility for all pain and suffering in this world must necessarily be born by the Council of Heaven. With all his knowledge and intelligence, still he lacked faith in our Father, and through his sophistries injured and continues to injure the faith of many. The seeds were thus planted for a rebellion and war that began at that time and will continue until he is finally put down. Though he was cast down, in his mind, in his anger, he hopes to return as the ultimate victor.
  • I know Satan, and Satan knows me well. His mimicry and deceptions are without parallel. Nevertheless, my sheep know my voice. You have often been deceived, and knew it not.
  • You must come to discern, or you cannot be mine.*
  • You do not have my Spirit in you, and it shows in your countenances.
  • You excuse and justify yourselves in worshiping the objects of your own creation. These you love, while you despise the poor and needy. In fact, most poverty is due directly to your accumulation and hording of wealth. You think to say that there is nothing wrong with money, it is only the love of money that is evil. Do you not understand that you cannot love both God and mammon? What do you think the love of money looks like? You deceive yourselves.
  • The temple in Kirkland was built in righteousness and faith notwithstanding the poverty of my saints, not the poverty of others. Do you think to raise a temple to me built upon the backs and suffering of the poor? Do I need such a house? Did I require a house when I called all of Israel unto me in the mount, to see my face? Did I not provide all that Israel required for the building of the tabernacle? Do you not see that the temple I desire most is not made with brick and stone? I require a temple, it is true. But you ignore all that you know, to build me something representing your values. You ignore what is of greatest worth to me.
  • The earth was created with plenty and to spare. It once teemed with life above the earth, on the earth, and within the waters. The earth and all things thereon have been abused by man, who has lorded over the earth with violence. Is it any wonder that the earth and all things thereon groan in agony of the unrighteous governance of man, and desires to be released from his dominion?
  • Do you not regard the sanctify of life? As Joseph received, you will be held accountable for the blood of every animal. Are you to be justified in consuming flesh in excess of your needs to satisfy your gluttony? To kill for entertainment? These were not ordained for this purpose.
  • Do you rejoice to gorge yourselves upon flesh that is raised in its own filth? If Father proscribed pork because it wallowed in its own waste, what then is He to think of cattle or chicken raised and fattened in filth, in sickness, and most especially suffering in wretched lives while crying out in pain?
  • If you think to pattern your lives after mine, is this how you think of me as Lord?*
  • No commandments are given unto man that are not obeyed by all in heaven. My law is not given for my or for our Father’s benefit, it is for the benefit of man.

It is enough.

Final note: for the last month, we have been attempting to understand the last bullet, especially in the context of the scripture “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men. (Doctrine and Covenants 64:10).” While these seem to be in contradiction, I believe that at some time in the future it will become plain. We speculate that this hinges around a combination of the prioritization of laws (if there is a conflict between laws, follow the higher one), and the fact that we cannot be counted on to judge righteously.

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