One Strike and Two Foul Balls

As I shared this in testimony meeting today (along with a great deal more), it seems appropriate to include it here. Over the last several months I’ve had a series of interesting dreams (not visions, just dreams).

In the first, I quickly passed through a room to get who knows where. Looking to the side, the Savior sat surrounded by a few people on a white, circular, elevated platform comprising two steps (of all the details to remember). Our eyes met. He paused and viewed me with an air of interest, if not curiosity. I did not pause, but hurried on my way and exited the room through large double doors and awoke immediately in shock; “what was I thinking!” Following this instance I spent months replaying this snippet and thinking about what should have occurred and what I would do if I ever got another chance.

In the second, I was in a conference center and the Savior was surrounded by a press of people asking questions and receiving instruction. I pushed towards Him (actually remembering the prior dream in this dream). He was absolutely gracious and congenial. I heard one question and was amazed at the brilliance and humor of the response. I couldn’t reach Him, but carried away in the lighthearted atmosphere of the moment put my hand up in a “high five” gesture. He responded by grabbing my hand. Completing the high-five, I immediately withdrew my hand. There was a certain disappointment in His eyes this time. Really? What? Well, that’s depressing. Fail!

In the third (can you guess where this is going?), the Savior was again surrounded by a throng in a conference center. This time there was no waiting or hesitation. I politely, but forcibly moved through the crush until I was able to reach Him, fell on His neck, kissed Him (on the neck), and wept (see Gen 33:4). I think I caught Him by surprise. After what seemed like about 10 seconds I broke the embrace and raced to the parking lot to retrieve my camera from the car. I didn’t even look back. I wanted to take a selfie with the Savior. I was enormously frustrated that I could not find the car as I raced around the public garage and outside lots. I know. I know.

Well, at least there is progress.  One can’t help but attempt to pull meaning, if not perspective from such experiences.


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