Strike Three!

Today’s lesson in procrastination.

  1. Last month it was impressed upon me that I needed to swap the battery out on the bike.
  2. Last week it was impressed upon me that I needed to get the carpet cleaner fixed.
  3. Yesterday it was impressed upon me that I needed to put police tape up over the new step off the downstairs porch to warn people to stay off until the concrete hardened.

Last night I went home teaching. I took the bike. My companion and I met at our first appointment and then rode together in his car to the next, where we watched a spectacular thunderstorm. Our guests at home watched the storm last night while standing on the new step. On returning to the bike, the battery was dead (and wet). Then, one of the dogs had an accident on the carpet.

Today, I broke up and removed the rock step and concrete footing and supports structure, rebuilt the form and mixed and poured the cement.  I started the repair on the carpet cleaner (need to wait on a part). I’m charging up the replacement battery for the bike, which will be installed tomorrow. I’ll also replace the battery in the 4Runner, which I was impressed to change out two months ago….

This parallels another lesson regarding getting answers to prayers. In this case, begging to learn how to forgive more freely, to love more freely, and to be more charitable and compassionate. The details are an exercise for the student.

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