Pick: A, B, or None of the Above

Today the LDS church announced its continuing support for the BSA. It feels a little bit like Eve coming to Adam and saying, “Hey, Adam, you just gotta try this fruit. It’s pretty dam good!” Okay Adam, what ya gunna do? It’s time to pick. Which is it? Ya gunna follow the scriptures (“hold onto the iron rod”), or follow living scripture (“the living prophet is more vital to us than the Standard Works”)? They can’t both be right, so, either one is right or they are both wrong. Three doors. One choice. Simple multiple choice test. You get no clues as to what is behind them. Good luck.

Note: this has nothing to do with homophobia. This is simply just what it is supposed to be, a (manufactured?) crisis of belief. It isn’t the first. It won’t be the last. The pattern is set. Welcome to life.

Note: This was original posted under the pseudonym “Adam” on Aug 27, 2015 @ 04:38, thinking that I might want to be anonymous. RIP Adam. Since I can’t change the WordPress user name, it is reposted here, now.

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