We are missing a tremendous opportunity that might run in parallel with existing work.

Ensuring that Trump doesn’t get elected is quintessentially important, but it is not sufficient.

The US (and perhaps more important the remainder of the world, both free and not) needs us to throw him out in an overwhelming and irrefutable way. Biden winning the election may not accomplish this.

I would like to see “75+%” (a super majority) of all voters not vote for Trump (this may or may not mean voting for Biden, that is a separate and distinct issue). This should include:

  1. People who would otherwise not vote because they know that their vote will not influence outcome of the electoral process in their states (either strong Red or Blue).
  2. People who will not vote for Biden (due, for instance, to their position on abortion).

Some of these (perhaps most) would vote for Biden and dramatically increase the popular vote for him. A good thing.

Some of these (and this is important) would vote for other candidates, but not for the presidency. For example, they might only vote for a vice-president or candidate for congress. This might be read as a dressing down of the GOP for kowtowing to a person representing “virtues” antithetical to their values. A good thing.

In both cases, they would increase the number of voters (the denominator) and while not suppressing the number of votes for Trump, they would decrease his popular vote percentage. Hopefully, dramatically. Very dramatically (<25%). Sufficient to make it clear to the rest of the world that the people of the US can take back the controls from a person like Trump, humiliate him, and effectively signal an unequivocal desire to reestablish friendships, respect, dignity, rule of law, and the list goes on. From a messaging perspective, this includes a desire to reclaim all the good will established by our century-long investment with many 1000’s of lives, many millions of hours, and many trillions of dollars to make the world safer and healthier and raising the standard of living for all.

Let 75+ be printed everywhere. I’ll buy a 75+ red cap and/or shirt.

Coupled with this message should be a request for all Americans to request mail-in ballots (which represents another kind of vote repudiating the idea put forth by Trump of the mail-in process being fundamentally flawed) and to vote as soon as possible in the event that the pandemic undermines the voting process later.

Note: if you wonder why I wouldn’t go push this publicly (and no, almost no one ever reads this), it is because a son works for the USAF and we have a commander and chief renowned for taking retribution, even on the innocent.

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